John Lennon Wall_Imagine_Beatles_Prague.

The most iconic design of the Lennon Wall since the 90’s. Originally painted to celebrate the Velvet revolution in 1989 and the newly found freedom and democracy. Since then a recurring idea of imagination being an essential spark for freedom anywhere in the world.

"Just imagine..."


Self-explanatory :-) inspired by The Beatles' Imagine song lyrics: "Imagine all the people sharing all the world, and the world will be as one." And hopefully one day it will indeed!

 It starts with YOU.

John Lennon Wall_Love is all you

As the famous Beatles lyrics go: "Love you take is equal to the love you make." Do you need any further explanation? :-) Love is all we need!

Don’t ever change. Change the world!

John Lennon Wall War is Over.png

In January 2015, the iconic Lennon Wall paintings disappeared overnight to public outcry. An unknown person painted the entire wall in white with statement

“Wall is over”.